custom division

Project Area

Custom Division in Castek plans and realizes tailored machines according to any customer’s requirements.
This service is offered to customers having particular needs to solve any problem on production.
Castek strong points on this type of products is the chance to customize the machine in accordance to customer’s need.


TCS 08

This machine was designed and realized according to specific customer’s requirements who needs to reduce production times.
TCS08 is provided with 4 working axes which can turn and mill one piece simultaneously with both carriages.
It is equipped with a pallet system which permits to unload and load a piece while the machine is taken up by the other one.
Each carriage is provided with two specific tools magazine, one for turning tools and one for milling tools.

The cycle time is reduced by 40% as result.


Lappatrice LP52

Lapping machine type LP52 in our production, complete with NC, able to make lapping of plug valves up to 52”

Castek is innovation and tradition to our Customers

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